Golden year for the award-winning Fermo stylist who has opened a showroom in Civitanova Marche.

The ingredients are all there to experience a new fairy tale: an evil wizard, a prince and a princess in love… a spell!
Your wedding could be the perfect opportunity to take inspiration from this fairy tale that will come to life again in the Emiliano Bengasi Fashion Show scheduled for Sunday 27 November, at 5 pm, at Villa Bonaparte.
In an atmosphere of other times in a historic residence, the magic of a work by Tchaikovsky, "Swan Lake" will relive and the event will be an opportunity to present the new bridal, groom and ceremony collections for men and women by Emiliano Bengasi . The decidedly romantic plot, from which the new collection draws its inspiration, tells of Princess Odette transformed into a magnificent white swan by the evil wizard Rothbart. The curse can only be defeated by an oath of love. Prince Siegfried will break the spell, allowing the two young lovers to live happily ever after.

After the welcome aperitif with swing musical entertainment by the group "Quei Bravi Ragazzi", the fashion show presented by Jessica Tidei will start. The new collection is distinguished by a virtuous tailoring, the stylistic laboratory, on the other hand, for over 50 years now transforms the innermost desires of future brides into reality by creating original and unique creations with harmonious and elegant lines.
In a bucolic setting amidst swans and princely dresses, the new collection by Emiliano Bengasi comes to life: the designer of queen brides. Once again the scene will be dominated by important and princely dresses, with large volumes made strictly by hand with the use of precious fabrics and lace. Emiliano has also created a collection of bon ton dresses with clean and sophisticated lines. There will be sumptuous and enveloping mermaids for a bride who wants to feel important even in a more linear dress. The collection also features skilfully mixed touches of black and red to recall the eternal and bloody struggle between the black swan and the white swan, between good and evil.

Selected among the 30 best ateliers in Italy in which to find the perfect dress by Elle spose, multiple winner of the wedding awards di, winner of the ZIWA awards 2022, Winner of the Marchigiano Warrior award as entrepreneur of the year in the fashion sector , finalist at the International Bridal Oscars organized by Elle Spose as best stylist and best fashion show, winner of the Italian Wedding Awards, Emiliano has also dressed actors for Italian cinema and television: Giorgio Panariello, Claudia Gerini, Diana Del Bufalo, Diego Abatantuono , Rosita Celentano, Luca Onestini, Eva Grimaldi just to name a few, last but not least the former Miss Italy Manila Nazzaro at Big Brother Vip. Furthermore, in September, the designer also opened a new showroom along the main street of Civitanova Marche, in via Umberto Primo at number 94.
Today Emiliano realizes his dream dresses for the best boutiques in the world but his headquarters remain still, the point where it all began, the place where every bride's fairy tale begins.
The following collaborated with the event: Top Catering, Ferracuti Shoes, Crevida Wedding Film, Tiziana Recchi Photography, Parruchieria Joicos, Estetica Alessia Renzi, Sofia del Brutto Make up Artist, 360 Gradi Eventi, Crocedivia accessories, Elite Rent.
Info and reservations 3336142421 or by filling out the form on the website

New exhibition point for Emiliano Bengasi, after the headquarters in Fermo is the second in the Marche in the province of Macerata and more precisely in Civitanova Marche along the main street (Corso Umberto Primo).

A wedding favor, this is how the new showroom has been defined, which is characterized by having the air of a theater with antique pink boiserie, velvet curtains and matching furnishings in the same shade.

The opening took place on Saturday 3 September on the occasion of the "Vita Vita" event and the exhibition space was literally stormed by future brides, as well as old customers of the atelier and many onlookers attracted by the spectacular showroom.

We wanted to create the new atelier as if it were a casket that held precious made in Italy clothes rich in stylistic contents - says the designer Emiliano Bengasi - an exhibition point with a sure scenic impact that enriches our presence in the Marche region”.

Emiliano Bengasi's clothes are present in the most prestigious ateliers in the world, his creations have made him a style icon so much so that this year he has also won the coveted statuette of the warrior from the Marches, a recognition that is assigned to the characters from the Marche who they have distinguished themselves in various sectors: in this case in the field of entrepreneurship in the fashion district.

Last August 20, the night of the pride of the Marche took place in Francavilla D’Ete: an event full of illustrious guests and above all of pride and a sense of belonging to the Marche that transformed the town into a small Los Angeles.

Event that has exceeded 22 years of life, born with the aim of rewarding the Marche excellences in every area by assigning the Oscar statuette "The Warrior".

To lead the spectacular event the journalist Tiziano Zengarini assisted by Tiberio Timperi and Matilde Brandi who did not spare themselves in jokes.

The designer Emiliano Bengasi was also among the winners, who won the award in the fashion sector. The company, in fact, has distinguished itself over the years for the numerous awards won at the Wedding Awards, at the Milan and Barcelona fashion weeks as well as for having become a reference point in the wedding sector over the years by exporting its products to the best stores in the world. .

There are also celebrities from the world of entertainment such as Michele Placido, Beppe Vessicchio, Alvaro Vitali, just to name a few.

The designer Emiliano Bengasi just yesterday received the news of being the winner of the 2022 Wedding Awards in the bridal and accessories category.

Also this year more than 50,000 Italian companies have applied to win the prestigious award announced by, a global leader in the bridal sector, which has assigned the Wedding Awards to companies and professionals in the bridal sector based exclusively on opinions and evaluations of couples.

The competition rewards exclusively the 5% of the companies that have received the highest number of opinions in each category, among more than 50,000 companies present on the portal, based mainly on the evaluations of 2020 and also considering the continuity and quality of the service offered.

“For the seventh year - says the Designer Emiliano Bengasi - we have won this prestigious award. A special thanks goes to the married couples who have allowed us to reach this goal. 2021 is a year to forget but we are ready to restart with renewed enthusiasm, confidence and lots of news ”.

18 categories of prizes, among the main ones: Banquet, Catering, Photography and video. Plus: Music, Wedding Cars, Transportation, Invitations, Favors, Flowers and Decorations, Entertainment, Wedding
Cakes, Bride and Accessories, Beauty and Wellness, Jewelery, Honeymoon and more.



Two hundred and fifty carefully selected guests coming to wedding took part in Emiliano Bengasi's Fashion Show which took place on Sunday 28 November, at 5 pm, at Villa Bonaparte.

In an atmosphere of other times of a historic home, the tale of a modern Cinderella was revived and the event was an opportunity to present the new bride, groom and man / woman ceremony collections by Emiliano Bengasi.

The arrival of Cinderella at the ball complete with a carriage and horses, the waltz with the prince, the trial of the shoe and the dream wedding and then many princely dresses, which were the setting for the newlyweds present to dream.

After the welcome drink with Miss Fever's swing musical entertainment, the fashion show presented by Jessica Tidei got underway.

“The Fashion show dedicated to future married couples - states the stylist Emiliano Bengasi - has now reached its twelfth edition and has now become an unmissable event for the area. Unfortunately, this year we had to limit attendance and limit admissions but, in any case, many guests took part in the event. Despite the pandemic moment, I never gave up organizing my fashion show, marriage is one of the most important moments in a person's life and I believe that we all have the right to continue dreaming. Every year I propose a different fairy tale, fairy tales help us to become children again and not to lose that ability to fantasize ".

The event collaborated with: Top Catering, Ferracuti Shoes, Crevida Wedding Film, Vinci Wedding, Parruchieria Joicos, Grace Fasino Make-up artist, Foglia stables, Fiori On The road.


Emiliano Bengasi returns to dress the world of VIPs and after Claudia Gerini, Giorgio Panariello, Diana del Bufalo, Luca Onestini, just to name a few in chronological order this time it was the turn of the tenant of the Big Brother VIP house as well as  Miss Italy Manila Nazzaro .

The stylist of Nazzaro, in fact, contacted the designer Emiliano Bengasi in the previous weeks to create a dress that Manila could wear during one of the first evenings of the Big Brother VIP.

On Monday 25 October, during the episode, Manila wore the dress created by Emiliano Bengasi. It is a wide, midi dress with a tail, in black and powder pink, made entirely of French lace.

"It was a beautiful showcase for me - says the designer Emiliano Bengasi - to go on air on Canale 5 in prime time with a dress worn by a Miss Italy, I think it is a prestigious and important milestone. I had contacts from all over Italy and many appreciations, many influencers, bloggers and fashion magazines, defined the one in Manila as the best outfit of the evening and this makes me proud ".

Not only brides but also elegant and red carpet dresses that many celebrities from the world of entertainment choose for their appearances on TV. Emiliano Bengasi, designer from Fermo is increasingly appreciated by Italian VIP and the latest, in chronological order, is Eva Grimaldi who last week wore one of his dresses in prime time on channel 5 for her entry into the house of the Big Brother VIP.

The same dress had been liked a few weeks earlier by the Rai Due TV presenter Elena Ballerini who had worn it for a photo shoot.

Before Eva Grimaldi, Emiliano Bengasi had hit the heart of another tenant of the Big Brother VIP house, the former Miss Italy Manila Nazzaro who had chosen a sumptuous black lace dress.

Over time, many famous people have chosen it for important appearances: Claudia Gerini, Giorgio Panariello, Diana del Bufalo, Luca Onestini, Adriana Volpe, Denny Mendez just to name a few.

Who will be the next VIP who will be bewitched by Emiliano Bengasi's clothes? The designer leaves us with the question, but with a wink he makes us realize that new surprises could happen soon.

The designer Emiliano Bengasi just yesterday received the news of being the winner of the 2021 Wedding Awards in the bridal and accessories category. Also this year more than 50,000 Italian companies have applied to win the prestigious award announced by, a global leader in the bridal sector, which has assigned the Wedding Awards to companies and professionals in the bridal sector based exclusively on opinions and evaluations of couples.

The competition rewards exclusively the 5% of the companies that have received the highest number of opinions in each category, among more than 50,000 companies present on the portal, based mainly on the evaluations of 2020 and also considering the continuity and quality of the service offered. “We at consider the opinions of newly married couples to be very important because they testify to their experience with the chosen supplier and for this reason we think that they should be the ones to evaluate and reward companies”, explains Nina Perez, CEO of “For the seventh consecutive year - says the Designer Emiliano Bengasi - we have won this prestigious award. A special thanks goes to the married couples who have allowed us to reach this goal. 2020 is a year to forget but we are ready to restart with renewed enthusiasm, confidence and lots of news ”.
18 categories of prizes, among the main ones: Banquet, Catering, Photography and video. Plus: Music, Wedding Cars, Transportation, Invitations, Favors, Flowers and Decorations, Entertainment, Wedding Cakes, Bride and Accessories, Beauty and Wellness, Jewelery, Honeymoon and more.

Something blue, something red, something… green.

The ancient saying according to which the bride on her wedding day should wear something blue and red as a good omen is updated thanks to the growing interest in sustainability that also infects the wedding world.

The designer Emiliano Bengasi, at the next edition of Milan Bridal week, will present a mini collection of tailored, eco-sustainable dresses that experiment with new materials.

Nettle, hemp and 100% natural bamboo sign the essential and sumptuous mood at the same time of intense and scenographic creations in which Emiliano's princely signature is expressed.

The eco - friendly wedding dress will therefore be the new protagonist of the bridal fashion sector and it is expected that in 2020 it will reach a global value of 80 billion dollars.

The Designer on April 2021 in the Milanese catwalks of SiGreenBridal organized by Sposaitalia Collezioni will present a capsule collection of eco-sustainable clothes, in which the designer's artistic flair will blend with an unprecedented naturalness of Maeko yarns.

The result are three dresses enclosed by the emblematic - and full of references - name "Life" which amplifies the new life of the plants from which the fabrics with which the creations themselves are made, strictly by hand, come.

Bengasi, therefore, is no longer a habit of sustainability but a real approach to femininity and well-being. Fabrics from organic farming that breathe the body and spirit with a new awareness of diversity and change.

A revolutionary approach that involves the dress and in which no detail is left to chance but is conceived in a totally green key like the accessories themselves, among which the micro-lasered wooden footwear stands out.

350 guests experienced the evocative tale of eternal love between the sun and the moon

Legend has it that the sun and the moon have always been in love but that they could never be together as the moon rises at sunset and the sun at dawn. Thus God in his infinite goodness created the eclipse as proof that impossible love does not exist.

One of the most beautiful love stories: the one between the sun and the moon was told on Sunday 6 September, at the Officina del Sole in Montegiorgio, at the highest point where you can touch the sky with your finger, at sunset, in the moment of the transition from day to night, in the instant in which the sun touched the moon in search of a kiss.

A unique show of its kind is the presentation show of the new 2021 bride, groom and ceremony collections by Emiliano Bengasi. The 2021 collection was presented in world premiere precisely because it was not possible to present it, as usual, in April during the fashion week, due to the lockdown. 350 carefully selected guests attended an evocative and exciting event in the viewpoint of the Officina del Sole presented by Jessica Tidei.

A message of hope - explains the stylist Emiliano Bengasi - even more relevant in this period where, due to the coronavirus, many spouses have had to postpone the wedding or have had to remain separated each in their own cities due to the lockdown. In the end, however - concludes Emiliano Bengasi - the sun and the moon embrace, and even if their bond will only last a few moments, it will be enough for their love to continue to grow at least until they can be together again ... once again ... " It is from this legend that the new collection by Emiliano Bengasi draws inspiration from where princesses from another galaxy come to life with dresses created by the glitter of the stars. The large volumes and sensual sirens that distinguish the designer's creative flair are re-proposed in a whole new interpretation that offers an alternative, innovative bride that goes towards the future. There is no shortage of precious embroideries with Swarovsky crystals, customized laces created ad hoc to make the brand's clothes even more unique. Gold, silver and white are the nuances that characterize the new collection even if there are touches of blue and blue. The following collaborated in the creation of the Fashion show: CNA, Ferracuti Shoes, Parrucchieria Joicos, Graziana Fasino Make up Artist, The bad brother's Saxophone quartet, Crevida Wedding Film, Leo Art Photo.

Emiliano Bengasi's atelier is the best in Marche region and the one that wins the 2020 edition of the wedding awards at, the prestigious award assigned to the best in the industry throughout Italy thanks to the reviews of the spouses who have used the service.

In a difficult year for weddings, Emiliano for Dina Bengasi Atelier gets the Wedding Award from, the most prestigious award in the sector. celebrates the 7th edition of the prestigious Wedding Awards, in which the over 60,000 companies registered on the portal participate. This edition is particularly important as it represents a great support for companies in one of the most difficult seasons for the wedding sector due to the health emergency for COVID-19. What brings value to the Wedding Awards is the method of assignment, being the only recognition given to companies thanks to the reviews written by married couples. This award recognizes Emiliano Bengasi as the best atelier in the Marche region recommended by couples who got married in 2019.

Furthermore, the 2020 edition will go down in history because it implies the recognition of thousands of professionals who have had to demonstrate their love for weddings and the commitment that goes beyond the celebration of a wedding. They have shown that they are able to adapt to sudden date changes, support couples, deal with months of inactivity and manage their staff in times of crisis. Currently, these awards are based on over 7 million reviews of couples registered on the portal globally.

The Wedding Awards are given to 5% of the companies with the highest number of positive reviews in all categories among more than 60,000 companies, also taking into account the quality and professionalism of the services offered. The protagonist is given to the spouses who, with their reviews written after having used the services for their wedding, are the ones who decree the winners. Precisely for this reason, this award has become a benchmark in the sector and a guarantee certificate for future married couples.

"It is a source of great satisfaction for me - said the stylist Emiliano Bengasi - that my atelier has been recognized as the best in the Marche region and the fact that this award is recognized by the married couples who have served us. makes you even more proud. We work with passion, dedication and a sense of responsibility because we want everything in one of the most important days of a person's life to be flawless and perfect ".

With over 220,000 weddings a year, to which are added about 9,000 foreign married couples, the Italian wedding sector is among the most developed in the world, capable of generating an economic inducement of about 10 billion euros, with an average cost for marriage between 20 thousand and 40 thousand euros. (data from i.stat and Assoeventi).

A real large industry more or less like that of Italian cinema that creates added value and employment and which now, more than others, risks being wiped out by the coronavirus emergency.

"Yet, little or nothing is said about Wedding - says Emiliano Bengasi, owner and designer of the Fermo maison of the same name - and even more seriously, there is even less talk of the professionals who animate one of the most dynamic and attractive sectors of our economy. Professionals and companies completely forgotten by the government and institutions in the moment of greatest difficulty. The latest example is the DL Ristori: the mechanism based on the Ateco codes provided by the government completely excludes the sector, which was also strongly affected by the penultimate Prime Ministerial Decree. There are tens of thousands of self-employed people and businesses, from locations to catering and banqueting, from photographers and videomakers to musicians, through specialized tailors, florists, fitters, travel agencies, make-up artists & hair stylists, animation companies and entertainment, ceremony car rental agencies and of course the wedding planner category. All Nace different, but all from a single sector. This is why we strongly ask for the ATECO mechanism to be overcome, which is not suitable for this moment of serious crisis. We also need a direct intervention for the wedding. In this terrible moment due to the COVID-19 emergency, concrete measures are needed that can compensate for the lost turnover and support it until the recovery, unfortunately still far away. In particular, it is necessary to open a table with the government to coordinate and evaluate with the companies and professionals of the sector to monitor the difficulties of the companies and prepare the relaunch of the sector. We also need the recognition of a direct reimbursement of operating costs in proportion to the days of inactivity given that 65,000 weddings were canceled in 2020 alone and not yet rescheduled and 70% were postponed to 2021. The wedding companies worked in one year only a month and not even at full capacity how can they survive thinking that if everything goes the first income will have them starting from May 2021? The government cannot close its eyes to the evidence and must also take into account our category ".

On April 6 and 7, during the Milan Bridal Week, the designer Emiliano Bengasi presented the 2020 bridal collection. An announced and amazing success for his creations that have enchanted the public. Dream dresses, with an aristocratic style and romantic character to make unique the most important day in every woman's life. Richness of details, quality of materials, refinement of the Made in Italy high tailoring concept, make each of her dresses spectacular, studied ad hoc and embellished with great skill. The designer stransmits in every collection, the great passion that animates his work and that is giving him a magical moment for his career. In fact, it is getting closer and closer, on April 27th, the day on which the third edition of the world prize dedicated to the world of wedding will take place in Barcelona. The stylist is in the running to win the award for best talent designer. A magical moment, which could soon be crowned by one of the most prestigious prizes ever. Meanwhile, Saturday, April 13, Designer Emiliano Bengasi will be on Rai Uno with an interview in the late evening during the program "TOP - All what makes trend" led by Valeria Oppenheimer.

Crystals that, like dewdrops, settle on the flower petals. The most sophisticated nuances of lavender, cornflower and hydrangea in all the variations of pink and light blue are interpreted in the elegance of a hand-made dress that takes the appearance of a rare plant. The lightness and delicacy of tulle recall at the same time the strength and fragility of the flower. Dresses that bloom in large volumes, mairmaid that open like a corolla, the poetry of a secret and enchanted garden that explodes everywhere. In this magic atmosphere the butterflies rest gracefully on the petals ... The bride an ethereal princess of a place enchant the boundaries between dream and reality that like a breath of wind upsets with a grace and finesse what surrounds her.

EMILIANO BENGASI returns to collaborate with the world of cinema and his fairy-tale clothes will be the protagonists of an exhilarating Italian comedy with a stellar cast.
"Compromessi sposi" is the title of the film that will be released in 
400 Italian Cinemas since next January 24th. The protagonists, Vincenzo Salemme and Diego Abbatantuono with Grace Ambrose, Lorenzo Zurzolo, Rosita Celentano, Elda Alvigini, Dino Abbrescia, Carolina Rey just to name a few.
The designer has created the clothes for the protagonists of the film: 
wedding dress and groom and a formal dress for Elda Alvigini who plays the mother of one of the couple.
"It was exciting - explains Emiliano Bengasi - to return to a film set. 
After the experience with Pupi Avati we decided to return to the big 
screen with a funny comedy that boasts a stunning cast. I believe that 
this new experience certainly represents a vehicle for the promotion of 
our brand at a national level, as in some scenes of the film, the 
company logo will also be taken over. There are many innovations waiting for us in 2019, we will dress several movie and tv stars and soon I will be able to reveal their names too. "
Emiliano Bengasi will be guest of honor at the premiere of the film scheduled for next January 24 in Rome along with all the protagonists of the film.

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Loving and learning to love to break a spell that turned a handsome 
prince into a hideous beast, so began the fashion show signed Emiliano Bengasi during which the stylist, in a fairy-tale atmosphere, presented the new bridal collection 2019 and a preview of the 2020 collection that will be showcased at the Milan Bridal Week in April.

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“The tailor – il sarto delle emozioni” il film di Emiliano Bengasi batte i film in programma al cinema. Il pubblico presente in sala per vedere la prima nazionale del cortometraggio ha superato di gran lunga anche i film americani più blasonati come il Candidato all’oscar “Molly’s Game”, “Gost Stories” ed “Escobar”.

Sold Out la sala da 220 posti prevista per ospitare l’evento e pubblico delle grandi occasioni per accogliere lo stilista Emiliano Bengasi, l’attrice Alice Bellagamba ed il regista Daniele Donati .

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"The tailor of emotions" the movie by Emiliano Bengasi beats the films scheduled at the cinema. The public present in the room to see the national premiere of the short film has far exceeded even the most famous American films such as the Oscar candidate "Molly's Game", "Gost Stories" and "Escobar". Sold Out, the 220-seat hall planned to host the event and the public on special occasions to welcome the stylist Emiliano Bengasi, the actress Alice Bellagamba and the director Daniele Donati.

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50 Years of successes and satisfactions for the designer Emiliano Bengasi, an anniversary to be sealed with a series of special events and many initiatives are put in place to celebrate this important milestone.

A new photo shooting to present the 2019 collection dedicated to Caravaggio, the participation in the Milan Bridal Week from 6 to 9 April, the Fashion Show to present the new collection at the Milan fashion week, scheduled for April 7 at 5:30 pm , a short film entitled "The Tailor of Emotions".

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