From the bloody, mysterious and full of patos atmospheres, the new 2019 bride collection is born. Dresses entirely Made in Italy, skilfully embroidered and hand-made. A perfect combination in which sartorial wisdom is combined with the art of painting to give atmospheres with a sure emotional impact. An exceptional Made in Italy: from Marche, the fifty-year tailoring experience of Emiliano Bengasi is expressed in all its magnificence in the new 2019 bridal collection.
Since 1968, the stylistic laboratory has transformed the innermost desires of future brides into realities, creating original and unique creations with harmonious and seductive lines, in terms of exquisite mermaid cuts or spectacular large and imposing skirts, important volumes, shimmering details that underlie pronounced necklines, both in the décolleté and on the back.
The new collection stands out for its virtuous tailoring, the use of Italian silks, French lace, precious Swarovski embroidery that make the dress a true jewel of haute couture.

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